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Teeth Whitening

Aging, diet, injuries along with many other factors cause teeth to dull and yellow. Teeth Whitening has become a popular dental solution to this problem. Whitening is a mild bleaching process that restores stained or discoloured teeth to a healthy, natural colour. The process is very safe under the supervision of a dental professional.
The results from Whitening can last for as long as a year and with touch-up treatments (at home) every few months, results can last even longer. "Touch-ups" are especially useful for patients that drink coffee, tea, red wine and other teeth staining beverages regularly.
St. Clair Dental Associates can help you get your teeth at their whitest.

Reason for Tooth Discolouration include:

  • Drinking coffee, tea, wine or soft drinks stains teeth
  • Natural aging – The dentin underneath the enamel of a tooth darkens
  • Smoking or any tobacco use stains teeth
  • Accidents – a dead nerve will darken a tooth
  • Root Canal Therapy

Ask us about professional teeth whitening as well as over the counter agents at St. Clair Dental. We can help you compare treatments and determine which solution will be most effective for you.

Post-Operation Guide

Congratulations on your decision to enhance the natural colour of your teeth to achieve a whiter smile! You have received the Opalescence Boost system today. We hope you have enjoyed your teeth whitening experience. To help you on your way to achievening maximum results, please keep these helpful tips in mind for next 24 hours.

  1. During the first 6 hours after our Boost teeth whitening treatment, some patients can experience teeth sensitivity or discomfort. Rinsing with warm water and taking Advil will alleviate these symptoms.
  2. For the next 24 hours, avoid any foods that can cause staining. The effects of your teeth whitening treatment need to set in. Avoid common staining foods such as: coffee, tea, red wine, dark cola, ketchip, mustard, soy sauce, berries, deep greens and tomato-based products etc. Acidic and citric drinks and foods may increase sensitivity as well.

You have been given custom made tooth whitening trays for the upper and lower teeth and a kit of pre-filled tooth whitening syringes to enable you to maintain your new white smile. These trays can be worn 2 times per year or more for 1 hour maximum. This gel is safe and effective and can be used more frequently if you tend to have more staining lifestyle factors.

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