SportsGuardWhy is a sportsguard important?

Sports are a great way to get some exercise in, whether it’s out on the field, or in the rink. We know to use helmets, kneepads, and other safety gear, but sometimes we overlook protecting our mouth. Accidents happen, and all it takes is one bad hit to seriously injure your teeth.

Sports mouthguards, or “Sportsguards”, are an effective way of preventing permanent damage in the case of taking serious impact to the face. They don’t just protect against knocking teeth out – they also prevent concussions, jaw fractures, neck injuries, broken teeth, and teeth pushed further into the mouth. At our dental office, we understand the risks that come along with playing our favourite sports, and that’s why we offer custom fitted sportsguards made just for you.

Sportsguards are flexible dental appliances, usually made of plastic materials, which are fitted to sit comfortably over your top teeth, gums, and part of your jawbone. Pre-formed, ready to wear mouth guards are also available at certain sporting goods stores, but they won’t offer the same level of protection, comfort, and functionality that a custom guard does. Having your dentist make a sportsguard that’s specifically molded for your smile will ensure that it fits perfectly, protects resiliently, and doesn’t interfere with basic functions like talking or breathing.

If you or your child plays sports, speak to one of us at our dental office today, so you can stay safe while playing your heart – not teeth – out.