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Past Issues

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September 2015 – Have You Tried Essential Oils Mouthwash?
August 2015 – Are Your Kids Ready to go Back to School?
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June 2015 – Bring Out Your Best Smile This Summer!
May 2015 – Gum Disease: Causes and Prevention
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December 2014 – Give Yourself the Gift of a Perfect Smile this Holiday Season
November 2014 – Do You Know the Signs of Oral Cancer?
October 2014 – Fall Is Here! Is Your Child’s Smile Protected?
September 2014 – Back to School Dental Tips!
August 2014 – What is Periodontal Disease?
July 2014 – Dental Tips for the Great Outdoors!
June 2014 – What’s Been Brewing on Your Brush?
May 2014 – Are You Protecting Your Child’s Smile?
April 2014 – We Have A Brand New Look!
March 2014 – There’s Still Time to Let Us Know What You Think!
February 2014 – Complete Our Patient Satisfaction Survey for a Chance to Win!
January 2014 – Tips for Taking Care of Your Brush!
December 2013 – Dental Bonding: Bringing Smiles Together!
November 2013 – Can Your Smile Handle the Pressure?
October 2013 – Fight Tooth Decay
September 2013 – What Causes Periodontal Disease?
August 2013 – Are you brushing your teeth properly?
July 2013 – Does Your Smile Have the Right Frame?
June 2013 – How Would You Rate Your Smile?
May 2013 – Dentistry For Moms-To-Be!
April 2013 – Getting To The Root Of The Situation!
March 2013 – Do You Wish You Had Straighter Teeth?
February 2013 – Heart Month, Tips on Gum Disease and More!
January 2013 – Are You Throwing Away The Best Part?
December 2012 – Do Gaps In Your Teeth Make You Self-Conscious?
November 2012 – Is your smile all that it can be?
October 2012 – Have You Got A Sweet Tooth?
September 2012 – Are You Ready For School? Ask Your Dentist!
August 2012 – Teeth Whitening, Summer Drinks and More!
July 2012 – Happy Canada Day!
June 2012 – Is Your Smile Ready For ‘Photo Op Season’?
May 2012 – Learn Proper Brushing Techniques!
April 2012 – Mind The Gaps!
March 2012 – What Does Your Smile Say about You?
February 2012 – Know How to Take Care of Your Toothbrush
January 2012 – Draw Winners, Are You Putting Your Smile Under Pressure? and More!
December 2011 – Happy Holidays and Your Chance to Win!
November 2011 – Got a Sweet Tooth? How to Resist your Temptation!
October 2011 – Use It or Lose It
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August 2011 – Save That Tooth, Dip Recipes and More!
July 2011 – Nutrition and Healthy Teeth!
June 2011 – The Sun and your Smile!
May 2011 – How to Prevent Tooth Decay
April 2011 – Cosmetic Dentistry: Reasons to Smile!
March 2011 – Why Have Your Teeth Cleaned?
February 2011 – Do You Have Silver in Your Smile?
January 2011 – St Clair Dental Associates Top 10 List
December 2010 – How to Prevent Bad Breath
November 2010 – How Would You Rate Your Smile?
October 2010 – Teeth Whitening: Frequently Asked Questions
September 2010 – Introducing Our eNewsletter and Website